Continue the advocacy work led by the Sheppard Military Affairs Committee (SMAC)

• Continue to support the work of SMAC and ensure that it is adequately resourced and supported

• Continue to work with all relevant partners to implement recommendations from the Sheppard Air Force Base Joint Land Use Study (JLUS)

Advance the development of a strategic plan for mission sustainability


• Fully support SMAC’s mission sustainability preparedness planning process and position all relevant partners to quickly adopt recommendations as needed

• As discussed in Tactical Recommendation 3.7, maintain strong relationships with Wichita Falls’ federal legislative delegation to sustain and grow SAFB

• Because many tasks may not need to be activated unless and until a future BRAC round is triggered in the future, work with SMAC, the Chamber, and other partners to ensure that new elected officials and other leaders who move into their roles in the coming years are briefed on planning activities and strategic needs

Increase community awareness about advocacy and planning efforts

• Work with partners such as the Chamber and others to leverage local communications channels in order to increase community awareness about advocacy efforts, issue needed calls to action, and recognize and celebrate SAFB

• In partnership with the Chamber, SMAC, and SAFB, create a community liaison program to educate and inform community business leaders about the SAFB mission and to strengthen ties between the base and local public and private leaders

Connect military personnel, families, and veterans to job and community engagement opportunities

• Convene representatives from the business community and SAFB to develop a program to connect trailing SAFB spouses/partners with employment opportunities; could include a resume-matching service

• Develop an attractive, user-friendly website with information about community programs, youth sports leagues, parks, utilities, religious organizations, etc. in Wichita Falls; if desired, this website could be designed to appeal to a broad audience with a special section of content for military families

• Work with base leadership to evaluate the feasibility of a survey of military personnel, veterans, retirees, spouses/partners, and others to determine further opportunities for engagement

Strengthen physical connections between Sheppard Air Force Base and the Wichita Falls Community

• Work with SAFB leadership, the City of Wichita Falls, and other key stakeholders to enhance connectivity between the base and the community for Airmen, other personnel, and their families

• Work with all relevant stakeholders to connect SAFB to the community’s growing network of bicycle infrastructure (see Tactical Recommendation 7.2)

• Evaluate options to further leverage the Sheppard Main Gate Transit facility; this could entail subsidized rideshares and/or additional fixed-route transit to Downtown Wichita Falls to complement service to the Sikes Center Mall