Word on the streets.

Everybody wants better streets.  In an average year, the city only has $2-3 million to spend on road projects.  Proposition C would provide enough resources for the city to make 4 to 5 times that investment.  In addition, the proposition would fund two projects that would help alleviate congestion at two of our busiest intersections.  Take a look below for more details.

Proposition C

In addition to adding funds to the city’s general project budget for roads, Proposition C will make two greatly-needed upgrades to our road system.  First, the Maplewood Extension from Wal-Mart by Lawrence Road will finally be completed all the way to McNiel (with assistance from an apartment developer).  This will completely change traffic patterns around our busiest intersections.  Next, Taft will be widened from Southwest Parkway to Kemp, relieving congestion at the Kemp/Southwest Parkway intersection.  These two projects are at the top of the city’s priority list, and will make it even easier to get around town.

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