We’re on the move!

Wichita Falls is known for great recreational opportunities, and it’s time to kick those up a notch!  Propositions A and B will finish and expand the Circle Trail, improve the Sports Complex and Lake Wichita Park and develop some great new outdoor spaces around the lake.

Proposition A

One of our most unique assets is the Circle Trail, and it’s so close to being finished.  Proposition A will get us 99% of the way there (and Prop B will finish it).  With your approval we’ll finish the segments from Loop 11 to Lucy Park, from Seymour Highway near Smith’s Gardentown to Barnett Road along the railroad tracks, and from Lake Wichita Park to Larry’s Marine.  We’ll also build two new trail connectors, one from Holliday Creek up to Sikes Lake at MSU, and one from the Ohio Street Bridge out to the main gate at Sheppard Air Force Base.  This will give thousands more people at MSU and on base access to the trail and everything else connected to it.  Proposition A also includes new turf fields for the Sports Complex and a resurfaced parking lot at Lake Wichita by the trail.

DID YOU KNOW?  80% of the trail projects will be funded by grants from state agencies.  If we vote yes, Wichita Falls will only have to put up 20%.

Proposition B

Proposition B picks up where Prop A left off, finishing the last segment of the Circle Trail from Larry’s Marine to Barnett Road.  This will provide many more people with access to Lake Wichita, connecting to the trail from points all over the city. Once they get to the lake, Prop B will provide them with a new boardwalk at the site of the original one lost to us many years ago.  Finally, this proposition will develop a new veterans memorial plaza next to the Kemp Street boat ramp, complete with a brand new Vietnam Memorial.  The boardwalk and veterans plaza both have matching grants that will pay for the majority of their costs; we just need to find the rest.  If we don’t, those funds are lost forever and we’ll have missed out on a great chance to improve our community.

DID YOU KNOW?  All of these projects have matching funds attached to them, as much as 80%.  If we don’t come up with our 20%, the grants will go away and we’ll have to pay the entire price ourselves.

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