The Action Team last met as a group at the CEC (Career Education Center) and discussed ways that the Team can assist WFISD in developing and promoting a plan for modern school facilities. They were joined by Superintendent Kuhrt and WFISD Board member Bob Payton.
Since that time, several new Board members took office and they have outlined their timeline for developing the next bond package to construct new facilities and consolidate existing ones. Here’s the summary:

  • The Board agreed that a May 2019 vote was too soon so they opted to put the next bond on the November 2019 ballot
  • A public survey was circulated in December 2018 that will provide community feedback on what the public believes is needed
  • The Board is currently forming two citizen committees to meet from February to May 2019 to develop the facility plans
  • One group will focus on secondary schools and the other group will focus on elementary
  • The secondary schools committee will focus on construction of a new high school or schools
  • The elementary committee will focus on consolidation of existing facilities and whether new construction is needed in certain areas
  • They plan to have a final package ready by the end of May 2019
  • The vote is expected to be placed on the November 2019 ballot giving time during the Summer and early Fall for community education about the bond package

This Action Team is unique in that they are following the timeline set forth by the WFISD Board. Their purpose is to promote economic development and educational improvement in the Wichita Falls region by helping in this process. They will have the opportunity to assist WFISD in promoting the chosen plan and educating the public about the benefits of creating modern facilities.

A March meeting is planned to discuss specific ways that the Modern Schools Action Team can benefit this initiative.