Dexter Learning and Crashworks were both in attendance and showcased their current project completion and future plans.

Dexter has completed Phase I and are putting Phase II plans together with a list of equipment and renovation needs to present to the 4a/4b Board.

Crashworks has been growing steadily with many schools (in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas) exploring the facilities on Field Trips. Their next phase includes becoming a 501-3c entity to allow for grant monies to assist with expanding as well as opening up their facility to at-risk youth or those without the means to use their services.

The Wichita Falls Chamber has begun the process of Branding the Maker Network with the help of a local Advertising Agency, Designworks Group. Three members from the committee have volunteered to assist with the process and will be in attendance at the next agency meeting on February 4th, 2019.