The Talent Partnership launched Intern Wichita Falls (#InternWF, #InternWichitaFalls) at the end of 2020. The promotion works in tandem with the Internship Guide created by Director Taylor Davis.

The goal is to promote the benefits of internship programs and encourage businesses to start one of their own. Davis provides a white paper and a complete guide. An email campaign is set to onboard new programs, guide the conversations, and encourage action.

There are two campaigns included. One is aimed at employers and the other targets possible interns (which could be anyone considering or is a candidate for an internship opportunity.

Our first step has been to encourage employers to create internship opportunities and post them on the Chamber’s Jobs Board. Once there is momentum, the 2nd leg of this campaign will begin – targeting graduates and many others that could fit into this audience.

Check out the Employer video campaign:

Intern Wichita Falls’ hopes to encourage businesses to create the internship programs, post them on the jobs board and the Talent Partnership and Wichita Falls Chamber will promote these opportunities in their networks.

Internship opportunities is an integral part of keeping Wichita Falls graduates in Wichita Falls.

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