In many ways, Wichita Falls is a cycling town.

“We’re known for cycling because of Hotter’N Hell and it’s time that we really kind of show what we’re really all about, year-round,” Bike Wichita Falls Co-Chair Becky Raeke said.

Now the city that’s home to the oldest and largest cycling events in the nation, is becoming that much more bike-friendly.

“I think these emblems highlight that we do have cyclists on our local streets, and it’s a friendly reminder to be on the lookout for those cyclists,” City of Wichita Falls Director of Transportation John Burrus said.

New shared bicyclist lane emblems are beginning to line Call Field Road and Midwestern Parkway and will eventually stretch 18 total miles.

Funding through the 4B board made this project possible, but Burrus said the local Bike Wichita Falls group put in the hard work to get there.

“We would not, and I need to emphasize this, we would not have received a bronze designation without our local bicycle advocacy citizens group,” Burrus said.

Wichita Falls received this designation from the League of American Bicyclists about a year and a half ago, but not without a suggestion though: more bike lanes.

So, Burrus spoke with Bike Wichita Falls leaders on what locations they wanted to start with and got to work.

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