Positive changes already in place

Over the past year, many positive changes have begun to take place for the bicycle community in Wichita Falls, Texas. From increased visibility, bicycle education and events, this action team has ridden full speed ahead picking up steam along the way.

The partnership between volunteers and city officials has resulted in added bike lanes, bike parking, signage, and overall awareness.

The Action Team submitted the application to become a Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community designation in early August 2019, three years ahead of the community strategy timeline.

Building block of a bicycle friendly community infographic.
The building blocks of a bicycle-friendly community infographic from The League of American Bicyclists

Cycling forward.

Looking ahead, the team is advocating for a new position to be created at city hall to maintain the momentum.

Action Team Chairs Kathryn Hager and Becky Raeke will continue their roles in leading the community side of things through BIKE WICHITA FALLS but they need a solid partner at the City Level that will continue to keep Bicycle issues at the forefront. 

John Burrus, the head of Traffic, has proposed to the City that they budget for a position that will fill this need.  As citizens must speak up to our local representatives and let them know we are in favor of this. 

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