Talent Partnership

Develop programs to encourage students to stay in Wichita Falls after graduating to stimulate population growth.

Downtown Life

Continue support for Downtown growth through economic development, advocacy and marketing efforts.

Modern Schools

Upgrade schools through renovation and rebuilds to encourage more families to relocate to Wichita Falls.

SAFB Integration

Continue advocacy efforts, increase community awareness and ties with SAFB through liaison program & education.


Spaces created to develop and create new products, skills or creative thinking. Become a central hub for current spaces.

Economic Development

Improve & expand communications of available services to businesses  & entrepreneurs.

Bike-Friendly Community

Achieve Bronze level designation as a bike-friendly city through public education and activities that encourage bike-riding.

See the Full Strategy

Read the Economic Development strategy in it's entirety and come back often to stay up to date on latest developments.

In mid-2017 the City of Wichita Falls set out to develop an innovative, ambitious and aggressive plan to move the community forward.  This site provides information and updates about the new strategy.  Click the links below to learn more.

The population of Wichita Falls is stable, right?   Hasn’t changed much in 50 years.

Yep, you guessed it.  We’re the orange line at the bottom.  Well, at least we’re not losing population, right?

Think again.  The only group that’s growing in Wichita Falls is 55 and up.  We’re losing population in every other age range.  This will create a huge problem if we don’t address it; as people retire out of the workforce, who will take their place?  With an unemployment rate well below 4% and our key employers already struggling to find skilled workers, our economy will begin to shrink if we don’t take bold steps to change this trajectory.

Last fall thousands of you responded to a survey that asked all sorts of questions about Wichita Falls.  One of them asked “If you left for ten years and then came back, where would you want to see the most improvement?”   Here’s what you said: